XC, XS and XS PLUS .. New iPhone Phones from Apple

XC, XS and XS PLUS .. New iPhone Phones from Apple

Apple is preparing to unveil three new iPhone Phones during an event to be held on September 12 at Apple’s headquarters, Apple Park, and although the date of launch but the names of the phones were somewhat vague, and today revealed new leaks about the names that will bring the three versions From your next iPhone.

China Mobile claims that the US company will offer an iPhone phone with a 6.1-inch screen and a low price under the name of the iPhone XC, it is not entirely clear why Apple chose the name, however, and can be a direct reference to iPhone 5c in 2013

The iPhone X version will be called the iPhone Xs, although this contrasts with recent reports that it will carry the name iPhone Xs Max, and the larger model will be sold under the name iPhone Xs Plus.

In addition to the new names, the report also confirms that the new Apple devices will be available for purchase as of September 21.

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