World celebrates 10th anniversary of the advent of the first Android phone



Before the advent of wireless charging and cookies for operating systems, Android was a modest operating system running on only one phone, the Google-HTC T-Mobile G1, later known as the HTC Dream.

The first Android phone was launched in the world on September 23, 2008, and it had one task: the iPhone competition, unveiled by Apple in 2007, and the first Android phone (17 mm) with a screen resolution of 320 × 480 pixels, With a virtual keyboard, and T-Mobile sold more than a million G1 phones in its first six months of availability, which means the phone has been very successful.

But what made the G1 not perfect was not the design but it was the operating system. Android version 1.0 was designed by Andy Rubin and was distributed by Google, it was very rough around the edges, and Google waited a few years until it got a good copy and competed strongly.

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