Why China blocked the famous Twitch gaming platform?



China has blocked the Twitch platform and access to the main gaming site has been largely unavailable and its application has been removed from Apple’s local App Store after a remarkable rise last month. Twitch confirmed it had been banned in China but did not elaborate.

Last month, Twitch was ranked third among free applications in China, as local residents started downloading the application to watch electronic sports, and the application load rate this week rose 23 times from the previous week.

The Amazon-owned Twitch platform saw a big boost in viewership last year, especially with Fortnite, which has become popular and is being played by many celebrities and streaming videos on the platform.

The latest censorship comes in the wake of the Chinese government’s style of banning any Western media platform that appears to be growing in popularity, and as a precautionary measure often before anything controversial happens. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter remain permanently banned. , Who has been out of China for eight years, is developing a censored search engine to let him in again.

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