WhatsApp rejects Indian government requests for encryption manipulation

WhatsApp rejects Indian government requests for encryption manipulation

WhatsApp With  pressure from the government to change the way it operates in the country, WhatsApp  agreed to meet all requirements of the Ministry of Information Technology, with the exception of adding a feature that could help trace the origin of the message

The Facebook-owned correspondence service is believed to have told the government that the company cannot access the user data (it is end-to-end encrypted) and be tampering with it will harm its key advantage and full user privacy.

Experts say only a small portion of the user data is stored temporarily to allow some offline access. “The data is stored on the user’s machine,” said a senior executive at a technology company. “The decoding will require a fundamental change in the way the watt- Not only that but will affect the messaging services of Apple and Google as well, noting that the Indian authorities were among a handful of entities that were demanding decryption.

WhatsApp has 1.5 billion active users and India is its biggest market. WhatsApp was the focus of controversy after the hate messages and rumors circulating about its program that led to extrajudicial execution in several parts of the country prompted the Indian government to threaten the company Facebook bought for 19 Billion dollars in 2014.

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