What does Microsoft xCloud Games mean?


Microsoft announced yesterday its new platform for the Games, which is known as xCloud, which came to compete with the service of Google, known as Project Stream The following is the unveiling of the concept of the new platform and the most prominent uses:

– xCloud saliva platform
Is a platform that allows users to play Xbox games across different screens, such as smartphones and tablet computers running Android, through the hands of wireless control, and is scheduled to provide the new project games through the company’s servers on the cloud, meaning that the user can play his favorite games on Wide number of different devices over the Internet.

-Features of the xCloud platform
Project xCloud is expected to be compatible with current and future Xbox games, as it is based on special devices that Microsoft has included in its data centers, and is characterized by reduced response time through network improvements and video encoding. Project xCloud will allow games to be broadcast on the 4G network.

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