Twitter competes in the video world and deals with media companies


Twitter has announced that it has concluded a series of new deals with media and entertainment companies to offer hundreds of hours of live broadcasts and videos.

The company said in a statement that the partnerships are aimed at introducing the types of videos available on Twitter to fans and advertisers in the Asia-Pacific region, including the most important games from the Champions League, interviews from Formula One, live red carpet events and other programs.

Among the partners announced were Indian filmmaker Shahrukhan Film Production, Red Chillies Entertainment, CNBC NBCUniversal, FOX Sports Asia, and VICE.

“We work with each of our partners to complete these deals, they will take over the content and then we will put the ad in order to achieve a profit share,” said Kai Medity, vice president of content partnerships on Twitter.

Madati stressed that Twitter is not trying to be a competitor to broadcasters, and other creators, instead, said the goal is to help those companies reach out to Twitter fans.


Video consumption has grown exponentially in recent years. In a report released in February, research firm eMarketer said that nearly 2.38 billion people are planning this year to watch the digital video content being broadcast or downloaded with any device at least once a month, Twitter has a huge video consumption and significant growth for the public in the Asia-Pacific region

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