The Facebook stops 400 applications that threaten the privacy of users

Facebook stops 400 applications that threaten the privacy of users

The Facebook new report has so far blocked up to 400 applications on its social network able to spy on users and collect personal data about them, after the number of applications suspended up to 200 applications in May, after the announcement of Facebook then found applications Personal information is collected and commented on by users. In May, a report revealed that an application developed by Cambridge University called “myPersonality” collects personal information about millions of Facebook users, which was known then, which prompted Facebook to suspend the application at the time, but the company said today that it banned The application was not approved for its audit request, and because it shared information with researchers as well as companies with limited protection. While this application is not directly related to Alexander Kogan’s application and thetic Cambridge Analy scandal, it emerged after Mark Zuckerberg announced an investigation into applications that could access large amounts of information before Facebook changed its basic system to reduce Data access is high in 2014. Facebook has confirmed that it is tightening access to data at the moment, but as the New Scientist Security Report revealed last May, users may have used this application before, meaning it has collected information about them. They were using the application before 2012.

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