TESS spacecraft stumbled upon the first two planets during its mission to find a replacement for Earth

TESS spacecraft

NASA’s first spacecraft was discovered by NASA’s TESS spacecraft, days after the first pictures of its mission were published. The US agency announced that TESS had already found its first planet orbiting the Pi Mensae star, located about 60 light-years away from Earth, And the TESS account on Twitter revealed details 4 of the discovery but noted that the discovery still needs to be reviewed before validation.

TESS spacecraft

If the data is validated, the new planet, called Men Men c, will be the first discovery of TESS in its two-year mission to find Earth-like planets around nearby stars.

It is also reported that another planet known as “Men Men b”, about ten times the size of the buyer, revolves around a star slightly closer to the Pi Mensae called M dwarf LHS 3844. The planet is currently called LHS 3844 b, To be very radiant and therefore will not have a cover.

The data will need to be validated before the outer planets are officially added to the list of large numbers of nearby celestial bodies.

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