Spacecraft or Mercury? Mystery surrounds closure of solar observatory in New Mexico

solar observatory

A few days after the shutting down of the solar observatory at Sunspot New Mexico, the public was left to come up with their own interpretation of what had happened. Operations at the National Solar Observatory have been suspended since Sept. 6, after it was suddenly removed and shut down until further notice.

The theories differed dramatically and some of them came to a strange conclusion. Some pointed out that the closure decision was due to space objects, and others suggested that the facility had been leaked in its telescope, which relies on a horizontal float.

According to the Daily Mail website, the team managing the telescope has since confirmed there was no mercury leakage, and scientists insist that the mysterious closure is not the result of an extraterrestrial attack.

The National Solar Observatory in Sunspot has been closed since Thursday, along with the nearby post office and nearly 12 surrounding houses, with officials in charge of what happened.

The secrecy continues even as local media indicate that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has arrived at the scene and Black Hawk helicopters have been seen circling the area.

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