Smartwatches dominate the half of the wearable hardware market by 2022



The latest market research firm IDC estimates that smartwatches are expected to dominate nearly half of the market for wearable devices by 2022.

Smart clocks will account for 46.2 million units in 2018, up 38.9 percent from last year. However, by 2022, volumes will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 19.5 percent to 94.3 million units, accounting for about half of the hardware market Fully Wearable.

The report also notes that smart bracelets will continue to play an important role in the market for wearable devices through the emergence of devices beyond the task of counting only steps that are advantageous, which have the advantage against the prices of smart clocks, the highest price.

It is also expected that the wearable devices in the ear will be the fastest growing, with devices offering features as well as sound further growth. Future headlamps are also expected to come with built-in smart assistants, language interpretation, fitness tracking, and training.

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