New tests to monitor the power of modern Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

New Tesla Model 3 video revealed a series of crashes during a new test for the US government. The electric vehicle must withstand the heavy front and side shocks on its way to obtain a five-star rating in each category of safety developed by the Department (NHTSA), which conducted the tests.

Tesla Model 3 is the first low-cost electric car among the safest among the cars tested by the NHTSA, and Tesla Model 3 claims that the final safety statistics will be released soon.

Some see the Tesla Model 3 as a Tesla salvage vehicle after the company repeatedly failed to meet orders under what Musk called “production hell”.

According to the Daily Mail website, cars have been tested by NHTSA since 1979, with an assessment of each safety rating to guide buyers in the United States, tests covering the front, side and brake collisions, and others.

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