NASA sends a huge balloon to the sky to study clouds PMCs

NASA clouds PMCs


The United States Space Agency (NASA) revealed important results in early July this year, obtained by sending a huge balloon to the sky for a distance of 50 miles, and the purpose of the task is to study a set of clouds known as PMCs, and these “semi-polar clouds medium “Thin and soft, but they may carry evidence that could reveal the mechanisms that control the disturbance of the earth’s atmosphere.

“From what we’ve seen so far, we expect to have an amazing set of data from this task, as our cameras are likely to be able to capture some interesting events and we hope to present new insights into these complex dynamics,” NASA researcher Dave Frits said.

NASA says the powerful surveillance tools it sent to the sky have captured a huge amount of data, explaining that the balloon picked up 6 million images on its journey and filled 120 terabytes of storage space.

The information will help scientists better understand the disturbance in the upper atmosphere of our planet and the nature of fluid disturbance elsewhere in the universe. NASA says it can help make weather forecasts more accurate.

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