NASA Receives First Pictures of Solar-Powered Parker Solar Probe



Nearly a month after NASA launched the spacecraft, Parker Solar Pro, on a seven-year mission to get closer to the nearest point of the sun. NASA today published the first images taken by the spacecraft during its mission. That all systems work properly.

According to the US Cnet website, the first picture is a milestone in ensuring that spacecraft systems work as intended. NASA pointed out that on September 9, the protective door was opened for the first time, allowing the first image to be taken from space. right.

The spacecraft also sent data from the other three instruments on board ISIS, FIELDS and SWEAP, which were fully allocated to reveal the secrets of the Sun by taking detailed scientific observations.

The ISoiS, which supports integrated solar research, will be used to measure activity such as solar flares, coronal mass releases, and high energy explosions. FIELDS will investigate electrical and magnetic fields around the sun, while the three instruments will take detailed measurements of the solar wind.

The first light data showed that all tools operate effectively, this augurs NASA and its research teams.

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