NASA has found “Opportunity” spacecraft on Mars and failed to connect to it


NASA’s Opportunity

It’s been months since NASA’s spacecraft, Opportunity, crashed on Mars. Today, a vehicle orbiting Mars has sent a picture of the spacecraft, which has been silent since a massive dust storm hit the Red Planet in late spring. Dim.

According to the British Daily Mail website, the Mars orbit vehicle took the picture last week from 166 miles (267 km) and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory released the picture today. The researchers say the dust storm blocked the sunlight from reaching The solar panels of the Opportunity vehicle since last June, which made it unable to generate the energy needed to connect with the Earth.

Although the sky has become vastly clear, Opportunity has not yet made any reference to ground controllers, and NASA has stepped up efforts to connect to the spacecraft over the past months but acknowledged that the 15-year-old spacecraft may not have been able to Overgoing power outages for long periods.

The engineers involved in the mission initially hoped that the Mars explorer would wake up again once the storm subsided, but after months of silence, they recently confessed that their morale was “shaky.”

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