Microsoft allows Skype users to read SMS messages directly from computers

Microsoft Skype

Microsoft will soon make it possible for Skype users on the desktop to be able to receive text messages on their Android phones via a new feature known as SMS Connect. Starting today, users of Skype Insiders will be able to use the new feature directly.

According to India’s phonearena, SMS Connect allows users to associate Windows or Mac computers with their phones to easily get SMS conversations on their desktops.

Essentially, the user will not have to open his phone to read or reply to these SMS messages, as he will now be able to perform the two processes through the desktop, where users using SMS Connect on Windows or Mac computers can read individual or collective messages Reply to them, add to receive MMS content, as well as start new conversations.


For users to take advantage of the new feature, they will have to click their profile picture in the Skype application on their Android phone, then go to Messaging / SMS / Enable SMS Connect.

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