Japanese spacecraft picks up the first images of the asteroid “Ryugo”



Two of the small robots landed safely on Asteroid after being dropped by a Japanese spacecraft on Sunday. The scientists involved in the historic mission expressed their happiness especially after receiving the first images from the surface of the Ryujo rock. The robotic explorers, known as MINERVA-II1, The first vehicle in the world to land successfully on an asteroid.

JAXA said both units were working well after they were dropped off by the unmanned Hayabusa-2 spacecraft. “I can not find words to express my happiness because we were able,” said Yoshi Tsuda, chief of Hayabusa-2’s mission. On the development of a mobile robot on the surface of an asteroid. “


The spacecraft will use the low gravity properties of Ryujo to navigate the surface of asteroids, measure temperatures and send images to Earth via Hayabusa-2.

According to the British Independent website, the first images sent from some of the rocky surroundings found by MINERVA-II1 robots and others showing Hayabusa-2 flying overhead are shown.

It is noteworthy that next month, the spacecraft will deploy an explosive device to blow up a hole in the asteroid, allowing the transfer of samples of rocks from the depths.

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