Instagram allows users to submit content according to geographical location


Instagram platform is known to provide many new features, but at the same time, Facebook tends to own the Lancaster company to test it among a limited number of users in advance, and as part of its latest testing, the social network allows some users to restrict the content they publish according to the geographic location.


According to the Indian phonearena website, this feature means that Instagram users will be able to choose the country that can view their content individually so that anyone who lives in a country that has not been selected will not be able to see the content. Regular posts, where the list of story controls also includes this option.

This feature is not very useful to ordinary users, but it can be very useful for companies, especially by forcing them to create multiple accounts to meet the needs of the masses in different regions, yet by providing geographical restrictions on Instagram, With Instagram testing systems, this new feature may be canceled before release.


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