How much Apple won from iPhone phones during the second quarter of 2018


While Apple did not sell all of its smartphones globally in the second quarter, according to the latest data from Counterpoint Research, it contributed the largest share of the industry’s profits in the three months from April to June. The report notes that Apple received 2% Second quarter earnings for smartphone sales.


Samsung came second, with a market share of 17% this quarter, Apple’s second-quarter profit was more than 3.6 times the amount achieved by Samsung, Huawei came in third, while “Obo” (5%), Vivo (4%) and Xiaomei (3%) were ranked fourth to sixth respectively.

Chinese companies have produced more advanced devices in the period, allowing phone manufacturers in the country to make a profit of $ 2 billion in the industry for the first time, and the iPhone has achieved about 6 billion dollars for Apple profits this quarter, Sales to $ 30 billion.

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