Google president warns his employees not to engage in politics



In a memo obtained by The Wall Street Journal, Google CEO Sander Pichai warned that if they let politics stand in the way of action, there would be dire consequences for them.

“We do not push our products to favor any political agenda. Our users’ trust is our most important asset, and we must always protect it. If any Google employee undermines this confidence at all, we will hold them accountable,” he said.

The Pitchai memo comes at a time when the research giant finds himself in the crosshairs of President Donald Trump and his allies in political bias. Trump said in August that Google benefits from users and accused the company of falsifying search results against him. The White House is also considering an antitrust investigation and online bias Both by Google and Facebook.

Recently, a Wall Street Journal story revealed that early in 2017, some Google employees were discussing ways to manipulate search results in protest against Trump’s travel ban.

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