Google Maps now supports the CarPlay feature on iOS 12

google maps

Google Maps

It is known that iOS 12 supports third-party mapping applications on the CarPlay platform, but Google has recently updated its maps in the Apple App Store to enable this feature, and to be compatible with the CarPlay platform efficiently.

According to the Indian GSM website, users will need the iPhone to download and use the new version of Google Maps on the CarPlay platform. This is in addition to the iOS 12 version of the operating system. The update comes in Google Maps version 5.0 of the application, where users can download the update To have another choice for Apple Maps.

But it should be noted that Google Maps does not integrate with CarPlay with Siri, but it has its built-in voice search feature, and since the app works with your Google Account, you can save addresses like work and home for quick access to directions, A special application for the iOS platform, to support the CarPlay platform in cars over the coming period.

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