Google is discovering a security vulnerability in the Android of FortNite

Google is discovering a security vulnerability in the Android of Fortnite

FortNite and Google have revealed a security vulnerability in the software and installs the Fortnite version of the Android system known as Fortnite Installer, as this application is easy to exploit, allowing hackers to deceive users and guide them to download malicious applications instead of the game.

According to India’s phone arena website, the serious vulnerability detected on Aug. 15 would allow intruders to install malicious applications on smartphones and provide a video to demonstrate the concept of attack on Samsung’s phone to provide more details about the vulnerability, Fortnite Installer through the Galaxy App Store and then download what is believed to be Fortnite, to show him after the operation a random application instead of the game.

According to Google’s problem tracking program, the installer allows the installation of fake APKs on the Android phone, as long as it bears the name com.epicgames.fortnight, but the company eventually responded quickly and quickly by fixing this bug. Fortnite version 2.1 Installer, which resolved the issue on August 17.

Epic Games asked Google to wait 90 days before publishing the information. However, Google released the details of the vulnerability on August 24 and commented: “Now the updated version of Fortnite Installer is available for 7 days, and we can detect this problem In line with Google’s usual detection processes. ”

Earlier this month, the game developer announced it would not play its game through the official Android app store, Google Play. According to a report by research firm Sensor Tower, Google may face a problem of losing about $ 50 million or more this year due to a resolution The developer of the game.

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