Google and Facebook vow to fight counterfeit news on their platforms

Google and Facebook

Google and Facebook

The European Commission said on Wednesday that Facebook, Google, and other technology giant companies have agreed on measures to deal with the counterfeit news because of concerns about its possible impact on the election, a move aimed at stifling more harsh legislation.

As the European Parliament elections close in May next year, the EU executive wants to thwart any foreign intervention following allegations of interference in the US presidential election and the referendum in which the British voted to leave the European Union.

Earlier this year, the EU told the technology sector, including Facebook and Google, of taking action to remove misleading or illegal content.

“The measures include more accurate scrutiny of advertisements on accounts and websites that publish counterfeit news, as well as helping users understand why they are targeted by ads,” said Mariya Gabriel, the European Commissioner for Human Rights. Specific, distinguish ads from editorial content and work with auditors to filter out the counterfeit news. “

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