Facebook seeks to collect bank data from users of “Messenger”



For years, Facebook has promoted Messenger as a way to connect with friends and as a way to help customers interact directly with businesses. But a new report from the Wall Street Journal suggests that Facebook wants to take advantage of the Messenger application in data collection Which is not easily accessible, and during the past period many companies and banking institutions launched a service on the “Messenger” to communicate with customers, and these services are the exchange of sensitive banking information inside.

The report notes that Facebook is interested in helping banks create Messenger platforms as part of a major plan that began in 2016 to turn the chat application into a tool that can help solve problems and avoid burdensome customer service calls. But some of these programs, such as American Express Developed last year, deliberately avoided sending transaction information to customers through the application, after Facebook explained that it wanted to use customer spending habits as part of its targeted advertising activity.

WSJ reports that some organizations consider cooperation with Facebook and provide some data, but in general, big banks in the United States may distance themselves from working with Facebook because of how powerful they are to access customer data.

“Like many Internet companies, we partner with financial institutions to improve people’s trade experiences, such as enabling better customer service, and maintaining the integrity of people’s information is critical to these efforts,” a Facebook spokesman said.

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