Facebook recognizes deleting 1.27 billion fake accounts within 6 months


The Facebook social network has been forced to delete up to 1.27 billion fake accounts within six months from October 2017 to March 2018, said Facebook’s current director Cheryl Sandberg at the hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

According to the US technical site, Sandberg said the process was done through manual review methods, along with some automated audit tools, such as computer vision and AI, showing that they now have more than 20,000 employees who have reviewed reports by more than 50 24 hours a day, allowing them to discover fictitious account holders who exploit the basic system for spreading false news and distorting public opinion.

During the hearing, Sandberg revealed that Facebook has a security team to understand how bad actors attack individuals and networks, create defenses against such attacks, respond quickly to mitigate potential harm, prevent the spread of malicious content to users, and send automated alerts to affected people Of different types of cyber attacks.

Sandberg said during the hearing before the committee that the social network was also working to remove spam from its platform, removing a staggering 836 million pieces of content in the first quarter of 2018 alone. To mislead and mislead users is also the goal of automatic and manual checks on Facebook, and this category of threats probably includes real and fake accounts.


With the help of the team of security experts, Facebook wants to stop the spread of malicious content to its users, send automatic custom alerts to people affected by various types of cyber attacks, and ensure that accounts are not hacked using artificially intelligent technologies.

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