Company in the UK is preparing to launch its first “electric Flying Taxi”

electric Flying Taxi

Flying Taxi

British start-up company is preparing to launch its first “Electric Flying Taxi “ service for citizens in Britain, where the company has revealed it is preparing to deploy the entire UK by 2022.

According to the US business insider website, the emerging Bristol Aerospace, based in Bristol, has only 28 employees and says it wants to provide a taxi service that will travel between cities in the UK by 2022. The company has already started testing its first pilot flight.

The company’s car was able to take off and land in a column-like pattern on an unmanned flight over the Cotswolds airport in Gloucestershire, England, with permission from the British Civil Aviation Authority.

The company plans to provide inter-city flights with its vehicles within four years from now, which will accommodate two passengers and one pilot, with plans to grow to take four passengers.

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