Claims to impose new laws on Facebook for failing to protect child users

Claims to impose new laws on Facebook for failing to protect child users

Facebook, Some claims have been made that new laws and regulations should be enforced to rein in Facebook because of its deliberate failure to protect children’s personal data and maintain their safety and mental health, according to the British newspaper Telegraph. “Sandy Paraciles, who was responsible for privacy and compliance on Facebook, For two years, the company blatantly ignored his warnings of other companies misuse of child data

Barclays said content and product design was driven by algorithms that maximized the number of users, regardless of damage to the well-being of people through addiction or promotion of material of concern or threat. Sandy Paraciles claimed that Facebook was run like a “cult Personality “centered around its founder Mark Zuckerberg, who owned 50% of the shares.

Unlike other companies such as Google, there is no internal opposition or constructive criticism of Facebook’s policies, which added to the situation.

Sandy Paraciles is now in charge of the strategy in a group of former Silicon Valley insiders seeking to rethink our relationship with technology. He said there should be a duty of care for technology companies to protect people, as companies would not organize themselves effectively.

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