Australia bans Chinese companies from providing 5G networks in the country

Australia bans Chinese companies from providing 5G networks in the country

Australia government has banned a number of Chinese technology companies supplying some communications equipment by preventing them from supplying equipment for the fifth generation 5G mobile networks the Australian government is seeking to establish in the country, after doubts about their involvement in spying on users and fears of foreign interference risks.

the crisis involving Chinese technology companies in the establishment of the fifth generation network and its resistance by the Australian security services has become a point of contention in recent months as the dispute over alleged Chinese interference in Australian politics escalates, especially as Australia is following the same path. The United States, which closed one of China’s largest technology companies manufacturing its smartphones, and prevented it from entering the lucrative US market because of concerns about national security.

the Australian government said in a statement: “Suppliers who could be subject to judicial rulings from foreign governments would make the Australian telecommunications network vulnerable to unauthorized access by governments and entities,” but the statement did not mention the Chinese company specifically, But a government official disclosed it and explained that it is one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of smartphones in the world.

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