Apple pays $ 15.4 billion late taxes to Ireland



The European Union is due to withdraw its lawsuit against Apple because of its tax relationship with Ireland after Apple repaid 13.2 billion euros ($ 15.4 billion) in late taxes to Ireland, plus 1.2 billion euros ($ 1.4 billion).

“The government has recovered the full amount from Apple,” he said. “The giant technology company, which is worth a trillion dollars, has already been accused of paying very low taxes.” The government does not agree with the European Commission analysis, Ireland is providing assistance to Apple. “

Apple declined to comment on the resolution and instead re-published a statement last year saying it was cooperating with everyone and implementing the law.

The European Union said Apple’s tax exemption was illegal in 2016, giving the company a “big advantage” over its competitors, and Apple was required to pay its taxes for the period between 2003 and 2014, along with interest.

“In light of Apple’s full payment of illegal government aid received from Ireland, the commissioner will propose to the commissioners to withdraw this lawsuit,” EC spokesman Ricardo Cardoso told Reuters by email.

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