All you need to know about the upcoming iPad Pro from Apple for 2018

All you need to know about the upcoming iPad Pro from Apple for 2018

iPad َis poised to launch a new iPad Pro during the second half of 2018, with many device leaks that indicate that Apple may offer the new iPad Pro along َwith the new iPhone 3G devices we expect to see in September, The following are the most prominenَt rumors that reveal the specifications of the device.

Design similar to iPhone X

9 to 5Mac revealed that the device may come in a design similar to the iPhone X design, and may include some of its features as well, including the lack of a home button with less thick edges and rounded corners and a larger screen, in addition to the lack of bump at all, although the reports Bloomberg Claims that there may be Face ID technology on the iPhone X with future iPads.

The size of the device

Another report pointed out that the new iPad Pro size would be 10.5 inches, nor would there be a traditional headphone socket where Apple will use its Lightning connector as an alternative.

Shipping ports

The next device will also have an 18-watt USB-C charger, and the current models of the iPad 18-watt technology, which can reduce the shipping time by 50%, but shipped by 10-12 watts, but unlikely Have wireless charging technology.

– Internal components

The new iPad Pro is expected to support the A11 or A11X processor. The Bloomberg website suggested in November that the next iPad will receive faster processors and better graphics processing units, which has become a key element of all modern devices. Pro new OLED screens present on iPhone X phone.

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