A panel of AI techniques was put up for sale for $ 10,000

A panel of AI techniques was put up for sale for $ 10,000

Techniques panel has drawn through artificial intelligence techniques

An AI-generated panel will be sold at Christie’s auction in New York, the first time a work of art made by the artificial intelligence has been sold.

According to the British Daily Mail website, the artwork – titled Portrait of Edmund Bellamy – is one of a collection of images of the fictional Bellamy family, created by three 25-year-old creators.

They used an artificial intelligence system and a sophisticated algorithm to store 15,000 painted panels between the 14th and 15th centuries.

Then the algorithm was able to study the work and draw a painting that can not be distinguished from the paintings drawn by the hackers so that it was able to deceive the test designed to distinguish whether the image was created by human or computer.

The painting is expected to fetch up to $ 10,000 at the auction, and one of the panelists, Gautier Vernier, said their innovative works would bring traditional artists out of work.

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